Cayet Abogados


At Cayet Abogados, we specialise in property law and our practitioners know that the acquisition of any type of real estate is an important investment for individuals and companies. For this reason, our team of professionals will accompany you all the way in the purchase of a home, office or even a plot of land. Our clients can rest assured that they will receive the best legal work and advice to make the deal a success.

We can proudly guarantee you an impeccable, personal service supported by our extensive knowledge of the property market. We will protect your interests, anticipate any possible problems that may arise and efficiently resolve them.

Our firm provides legal advice on all types of property transactions from start to finish for both nationals and non-nationals. Our primary specialisations include the following services:


Management in the conveyance of new or second-hand urban properties (including buildings and plots); we also manage transactions involving rural allotments.

Our main objective is to give the client peace of mind during the entire property transaction process. Firstly, we study the documentation thoroughly to ensure it is all in order before signing. We inspect the land registry details of the property to confirm it is properly registered, unencumbered and without any pending local authority taxes (property tax or council charges).

The land-planning status of the property is another very important aspect to be considered. We check whether the property already has any relevant planning permissions.

We will also explain how to obtain an energy-efficiency certificate if necessary.

At Cayet Abogados, we take care in clarifying any doubts held by our resident and non-resident clients in relation to the taxes applicable to the conveyance. Knowing all the costs involved in an investment is essential, from notary and land registry charges to the calculation of all the possible taxes that may be applicable on the transfer of land and its effect on tax returns.

As professionals, we are experts in tax and legal affairs and guarantee the best legal advice in the transfer of residential homes, business premises and, in general, land. We can also assist in any other matters, such as the termination of joint property rights, house swaps, non-recourse debt, leases, new development declarations, taking out or cancelling mortgages, and many others.

Land Registry

Our service entails more than research and advice on the legal, planning and financial aspects of a conveyance; it also extends to registry procedures thereby ensuring a smooth transfer and the absence of any hidden surprises, such as registry charges, temporary seizure entries or other impediment, prior to the signing of the title deed.
Likewise, we will be responsible for registering the new owner of the property in the Land Registry and compliance with the payment of the relevant taxes.

Tourism licences

Our firm pays great attention to all changes in the legislation on holiday rentals in Andalusia.
We will set your mind at ease about tourism licences and carry out the necessary applications for registering your home for short-term letting without you having to worry about the tedious paperwork.

Development, construction and technical contracts

At Cayet Abogados, we provide legal consultation on the negotiation and drafting of contracts that carry major complexities and risk, such as development contracts, home building agreements and other types of technical contracts found in the building sector.

Lease of residences and business premises

Cayet Abogados has a team of experts ready to advise you on the rights and obligations incurred by both parties to a property lease.

Our lawyers will advise you before signing any lease and assist you in negotiating more favourable terms. They meticulously examine all details in the contract to avoid any problems that may occur with the deposit, rent, contractual term, extension clauses and other conditions.
Whether you are the landlord or the tenant, you can trust Cayet Abogados to draft you a lease that can set your mind at ease.

Inheritances, wills and legacies

With extensive experience in the property section of succession law, the professionals at Cayet Abogados can offer personalised legal advice on your estate: will drafting, legal contest of wills, as well as the allotment of legacies and bequests.

We offer specific advice on drawing up wills and always consider the personal circumstances of our clients. Together with our ample experience in assisting international clients, our advice on the content of your will can be adapted according to your nationality; in this way, you will have all the information to decide on how your estate should be properly distributed after your demise.
Our professionals will provide highly satisfactory assistance on any matter of succession in relation to real estate.

Tax consultancy

As specialists in tax affairs, we provide excellent tax consultation services to residents, non-residents and companies. Our multilingual team is completely qualified to discuss with clients in their choice of language. You can rest assured that we will handle all aspects in the preparation and submission of the principal tax returns required by the Spanish tax authority:

  • - Taxes for residents and non-residents.
  • - Capital acquisition tax.
  • - Quarterly and annual personal income tax returns.
  • - Quarterly and annual VAT filings.
  • - Company tax (including the filing of instalments).
  • - Annual statement of transactions with third parties.

Our Tax Department ensures the provision of continuous, personal tax advice and services that always meet the needs of our clients.


We are meticulous in our work on lawsuits given the intricacy and sensitivity involved in such actions. Our lawyers are experts in court proceedings and primarily present cases before the courts in the following matters:

  • - Breaches, performance or interpretation of real estate contracts (conveyances, hidden defects, etc.).
  • - Development and building contracts (agreements with building professionals).
  • - Termination of joint ownership rights.
  • - Leases (evictions, claims for overdue rent, contractual termination).
  • - Foreclosures.
  • - Abusive clauses.
  • - Family law.
  • - Contesting of wills.

Urban planning law

Cayet Abogados offers high-quality legal advice in areas relating to urban planning. Our professionals are specialists in negotiating with local authorities and the drafting and handling of paperwork that is involved in the construction and real estate markets.

Individuals and companies can rest assured that they will receive expert assistance in relation to urban planning matters (report preparation, review of planning files, administrative procedures, etc.).